Rento Brattinga <galerie> DudokDeGroot

artist: PolakvanBekkum

Kunstenaarsduo Esther Polak en Ivar van Bekkum.

250 Miles Crossing Philadelphia.

Imagine the streets are a kind of text that people can read. What an individual reads “in the street” is dependent on the totality of their life history and the totality of their tracks taken before. So to every individual, the same street presents a different text. Taken to the extreme an individual travelling the same streets may read a slightly altered text, depending on their experience in the time in between. We have worked in Philadelphia from May till November 2014 on the Science Center’s campus as part of a unique program: Art Along the Avenue of Technology. We have built an on-line GPS-based navigation documentary, which will follow the movements of people as they move throughout Philadelphia.

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